Along with a lovely view, sometimes and at some places you get the menace of bugs and mosquitoes ruining the ambiance. To take care of that we offer sleek and almost invisible mesh options as add ons.


Usually used in combination with sliding windows and doors by adding an extra track and slides, like the regular slider sash. These give a clean stretched look to the mesh window.


Designed to withstand a reasonable amount of wind pressure, these type of meshes allow for very good ventilation and light to pass through, giving you a clear view of the scene outside. The length of the mesh is reinforced with a nylon string which allows it horizontal movements. When pulled aside they take up very little space when stacked. They can be washed or vacuumed for cleaning.

Pull Down

This is the least obtrusive option available for mesh screens. When pulled down it is stretched tight and is barely visible. It is a 100% effective barrier against outdoor flying insects.


Fitted in the inner sash of the casement window or door, it acts as a tight barrier against bugs and mosquitos when the outer sashes are opened for ventilation.