How to get ready

  • The inside as well as the outside walls around the window cavity should be finished in every respect, along with the sill.
  • There should be no obstructions on the window sill.
  • The dimensions should be measured at 3 points (extreme ends and the middle) along the inside width and height of the window cavity. Difference, if any, should not vary more than 12mm.
  • The width of the window sill should be more than the width of the window frame being ordered.
  • Clear instructions should be given regarding the flushing of the window frame – whether it is to be aligned to the outside wall or to the inside wall. If it is to be installed somewhere in the middle of an extra wide sill, then exact specifications should be given about the space to be left on the outside or inside.
  • No POP work should be done on the edge of the window sill or on the wall face along the window cavity, as it is likely to be damaged during installation. Before installation at least one coat of paint should have been applied to the sill area.
  • In case grills are being installed they should be fixed in advance, on the outside, for sliders and inward opening windows. For outwards opening windows they will be fixed post the installation of the window.