Glass is available in many colour shades and strength grades, depending on your custom requirements. It adds to the aesthetics and contributes to your comfort and security.

COLOURED GLASS is commonly available in silver, metallic blue and green tint for higher heat deflection. They also block the view from outside, during the day, due to the mirror finish look. Other shades can also be supplied, if ordered in significant quantities.

SINGLE GLASS layered windows are ideal for areas where the temperatures are in the moderate range and noise levels are relatively low. They can withstand the normal wind and water pressure.

INSULATED GLASS has a layer of inert gas sealed between two sheets of glass. It is used in geographies with extreme temperatures, or where the noise decibels are very high. Due to its layered construction it has excellent thermal retention and separation qualities. The outside temperatures have a minimal effect indoors and the indoors temperatures are maintained more efficiently, there by bringing down the energy cost drastically.

SAFETY GLASS is laminated with Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) to prevent it from shattering. In case of an accident the glass shreds are held together because of the layered lamination and do not act like projectiles that can hurt someone. This also works as a security feature as it makes it difficult to willfully break the glass. The added layering also contributes to the thermal, UV and sound insulation properties. Various degrees of lamination strength in combination with glass quality are available, right up to bullet proofing.